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Sandra's Page

Page history last edited by Sandra Annette Rogers 11 years, 5 months ago

Topic: A Timeline of American Anti-bilingualism


Level & Course: Advanced Oral Skills


Course Syllabus









  1. Students will use these reading strategies: determine important ideas, draw inferences, and synthesize.
  2. Students will use the Internet to research anti-bilingualism facts.


  3. Students will determine fact from fiction and bias in the media.
  4. Students will make inferences from their research.


  5. Students will create a timeline that lists key facts in chronological order.


  6. Students will learn word processing skills with Microsoft Office Suite programs.


  7. Follow instructions step-by-step on how to use an Excel spreadsheet time line.   
  8. Use the time line to guide you as you write a chronological report on anti-bilingualism in America. 
  9.  Students will evaluate the timelines created by their peers using a rubric.


Think about it! Share your background knowledge on the topic at the whiteboard discussion at TappedIn.org (TI). You can visit as a guest or become a member.  Once you have logged in, then conduct a search for SandraR to find my virtual office and whiteboard space.  Include any information you have about anti-bilingualism that may have occurred in your country, too. 


Reading Content: Online material regarding anti-bilingualism activities in the US.


Part 1: Vocabulary


Key words to search: English-only movement, anti-bilingual ordinance, English as the official language, California's Proposition 227, 1988 elections in Colorado+ Arizona+ Florida, Mobile Press-Register+Cedric Chastang-Sunray+May 9th, 2010, xenophobia, cosmopolitan, racism, hatred, timelines


Online Tools: Dictionary, thesaurus, visualize text, and encyclopedia


URL: www.dictionary.com

and http://www.wordsift.com/


Task or Activity: Look up any unknown words, their synonyms or antonyms, and references.


Part 2: Reading 


Online Tools: 1) Wikipedia, a free encyclopedia, 2) Google, a search engine, 3) About.com, guided search engine


URL: http://www.wikipedia.org/




Task or Activity: Research anti-bilingualism in the US since the birth of the nation in 1776.  Write down the time, location, and briefly describe the event that occurred.


Part 3: Writing


Online Tool: Excel spreadsheet


URL: http://www.microsoft.com/Education/CreateTimeline.aspx  


Task or Activity: Create a timeline in Excel on the topic. Then use the timeline to write a chronological report on the topic.


Submit your assignments by posting them to the homework page.


Part 4: Assessing


Online Tools: Rubistar Rubric created by the class.  See sample rubric for ideas.  Microsoft word tracking and comment tools will be used for editing the report.


URL: http://rubistar.4teachers.org/


Task or activity: 1) Comment on a peer's final project.  Send the comments to your peer and cc the teacher.  Respond to your peers' comments, as well.


Observable outcomes: Peer evaluate and self-edit timelines based on the rubric.  The teacher will provide feedback on your timeline via the rubric.  You will receive your report with tracked changes if you have any errors that need correcting.











Comments (11)

mdyingling@aol.com said

at 9:11 am on May 8, 2010

Sand, will you be adding some internet sources for your students, or will you have them do a search on their own?

Have you seen the site for blogs as timelines that are added to? www.ourstory.com The sample was geared for teenagers, but looks like it can be modified to your students' level.

Sandra Annette Rogers said

at 6:14 pm on May 8, 2010

Yes Marcia,
The students will search for the content using the keywords. I haven't finished my lesson yet.
I will look at your suggested Web site, ourstory.com. Thanks so much!

Sandra Annette Rogers said

at 11:33 pm on May 9, 2010

I'm afraid that ourstory.com only wants personal, friends, familial data. The images are not set up for historical educational data. I also am leery of Web sites that what all the names of your friends and family, as it could be used for spamming.


glundin@itesm.mx said

at 8:37 am on May 10, 2010

You wrote me that you could not find my second part? I am lost. What do you refer to? Happy Mothers DAy.

mdyingling@aol.com said

at 11:03 am on May 10, 2010

Re. ourstory.com, I was thinking that images need not be used, but that the historical data could be entered in the baloons. Oh well, it SOUNDED like a useful idea!

T. M. Troy said

at 12:25 pm on May 12, 2010

This looks like a topic my students would find interesting!


Sandy Wagner said

at 12:57 pm on May 12, 2010

Hi Sand,

Effective lesson plan and I like the Excel timeline. Excel is also a good tool to use as most people (or am I assuming too much??) are already familiar with Excel so the learing curve in just using the technology is not as steep.


Sandra Annette Rogers said

at 2:39 pm on May 13, 2010

Thanks Tasha:)
Feel free to use the lesson if you like. I can give you the administrative privileges, so you can interact with the wiki. Or you can simply cut and paste the whole thing into a new wiki. Just remember to copy the related pages.

Sandra Annette Rogers said

at 2:40 pm on May 13, 2010

No, many teachers are not familiar with Excel. I learned about it when I worked with a publisher. I just discovered the time line lesson!!!! I was so excited:)


Sandy Wagner said

at 3:43 pm on May 14, 2010

Hi Sand,

I am happy to see Excel used in this way also and the good part is that other teachers are more likely to have access to Excel than some other online tools, so why not exploit it to its fullest.


Sandra Annette Rogers said

at 8:57 pm on May 15, 2010

I was so excited to see a rubistar rubric for time lines! Yeah.......that was so helpful. I usually create them from scratch with my students input, so I will do that with the students online.

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