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Writing Tools

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Jenny Eathers' Writing Fun!


K-6 writing templates and interactive color-coded explanations on nine different types of writing.

Microsoft Office Excel Spreadsheet


How-to on creating time lines on an Excel Spreadsheet



http://www.nicenet.org  user friendly 



www. Scribd.com

easy to use to share documents 



Resources/formats for advanced writing tasks

Web Quest to Blog


Web quests to research a persuasive position that is then written for a blog

Google docs


For document sharing and saving.
Constructing the Paragraph


By Dr. Elizabeth Hanson-Smith



Comments (3)

Sandra Annette Rogers said

at 6:32 pm on May 8, 2010

Hi there, Not sure who posted this but
I love About.com! I always use wikipedia for answers but now I will also search via About.com.


mdyingling@aol.com said

at 11:22 am on May 10, 2010

I did. This source seems to have lots of resources for more adult or advanced level students, which is what all three of us have been looking for. Some other sites have such Mickey Mouse formats in garish colors; inappropriate for older students.

Sandy Wagner said

at 5:19 pm on May 12, 2010

Great resources and it looks like this has been an extremely collaborative effort.

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